2016 Game Stories

Tangerine Bowl IV

NFE AA Championship

The Tangerine Bowl was an exciting game featuring two evenly matched competitive teams.
The first half had plenty of offense but only 2 TDs.
Half time score Portsmouth Warriors 8 Toledo Thunder 6

The 4th quarter began with Portsmouth scoring a TD. Exactly 3 1/2 minutes later the Thunder
also scored. Then with just 51 seconds left in the game a 45 yard FG by the Thunder put them
in the lead for the first time in the game. With just 11 seconds left the Warriors responded wit a
55 yard TD pass to win the game .

Final Score Portsmouth Warriors 20 Toledo Thunder 15

  Justin Lunsford QB Portsmouth Warriors
  Jermaine Payton WR Portsmouth Warriors
  Luke Brown RB Portsmouth Warriors
  Rickey Johnson WR Toledo Thunder
  D J Tucker QB Toledo Thunder
  Gerry Phillips K Toledo Thunder


Palm Bowl IX

NFE AAA Championship

The Columbus Fire established the tempo of the Palm Bowl with a 64 yard TD pass play on the first
play of the game .After intercepting a DMV Elite pass on their first possession, Columbus kicked a 22
yard FG . Two more interceptions by the Fire led to 2 more TDs during the first half.
Half time score Columbus Fire 29 DMV ELITE 0

The second half continued with the Fire dominating play. They scored 3 more TDs . One by a run, one
by a pass and also a 77 yard punt return.

Final score Columbus 49 DMV Elite 0


  Brandon Hanna QB Columbus Fire
  Mike Tatum WR Columbus Fire
  Mickale Wiggins LB Columbus Fire
  Alan McPherson G Columbus Fire
  Antonio McCray RB DMV Elite

North American Bowl IX

USFA AAA National Championship

The first score of the North American Bowl was a 27 yard FG by the Ohio Golden Knights. The Brooklyn
Seminoles responded by taking the following kickoff deep into the Knights territory. 4 plays later RB Ty
Brown scored the first of his 3 TDs in the first half. One of his scores came after the Knights fumbled a
kickoff with the Seminoles recovering, 3 plays later Brown ran in from the 2 yard line.
Half time score Brooklyn Seminoles 28 Ohio Golden Knights 3

In the second half each team scored 3 TDs. Brooklyn maintained a 20 point advantage thru the second half.

Final score Brooklyn Seminoles 54 Ohio Golden Knights 25

   Ty Brown RB  Brooklyn Seminoles
   Jerol Wilson  QB  Brooklyn Seminoles
   Jimmy Martinez LT Brooklyn Seminoles
   Vinnie Cirrincione K  Brooklyn Seminoles
   Marquelo Suel QB  Ohio Golden Knights


Orange Blossom Bowl VIII

USFA AA National Championship

The first half of the Orange Blossom Bowl featured two strong defenses continually stopping their opponents
drives. Halfway thru the second quarter the Detroit Ravens scored with a 56 yard, 7 play drive for the only score
of the first half. Half time score Detroit Ravens 8 Orlando Rage 0

In the middle of the 3rd quarter each team scored TD. With 1:35 left in the 3rd quarter the Ravens took advantage
of ashort kickoff by the Rage and scored quickly with a 46 yard TD pass. In the 4th quarter the Ravens scored
again with a 63 yard punt return for the final score.

Final score Detroit Ravens 27 Orlando Rage 6


  Ed Thomas QB Detroit Ravens
  Jose Morris WR Detroit Ravens
  Daniel Johnson OL/DL Detroit Ravens
  Thomas Shariff RB Orlando Ravens


Florida Bowl X

NFE AA Spring/Fall Championship

The Florida Bowl featured two quality, competitively matched teams. Each team scored a TD during the first quarter.
Catawba Hornets scored early in the 2nd quarter on a 63 yard pass play .The Orlando Phantoms took the kickoff
back to the Hornets 21 yard line. The Hornets held and the Phantoms kicked a 24 yard FG.
Half time score Catawba Hornets 12 Orlando Phantoms 9

The Phantoms controlled the 3rd quarter with 2 TDs. On the last play of the 3rd quarter the Hornets scored on a
67 yard TD pass making the score Orlando 21 the Hornets 18. Each team picked up another TD in the 4th quarter.

Final score Orlando Phantoms 28 Catawba Hornets 24


  Torrence Brown QB Orlando Phantoms
  Chris Perry WR Orlando Phantoms
  Chris Berrian WR Orlando Phantoms
  Curtis Edens QB Catawba Hornets
  Lance Lewis WR Catawba